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Coaching Programs

The New You


Harness the power of your DNA so you can stop living the same story over and over, actually change your reality, and heal familial timelines.

Write Your Way to


Take a guided journey of self-discovery to detox from your current life story, create a new one, and be the amazing person you're meant to be.

Break Through to the 

Infinite You

Stop the endless cycle of cancer, disease, or strange symptoms, take control of your health, permanently heal yourself, all while being guided through the ascension process.


Discover The Power Within You

I'm Tonya Rutter, Soul Magic Coach and creator of The New You Blueprint, Write Your Way To Wellness, and co-creator of Break Through to the Infinite You. I'm here to help you realize the power you have within yourself to change your perceptions and reality, heal yourself, and create the life you desire. Whatever is going in inside of you - your emotional and vibrational state - will be reflected outside of you. If you're ready to create an amazing life, I can help you achieve that.  

"Thank you so much for your powerful work on me yesterday, Tonya. After our call I felt so peaceful and blissed out...You have a powerful powerful gift and I am so deeply grateful that you shared that with me. Thank you so much." Shannon A., Lake Charles, LA

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