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You have lived many past lives, and oftentimes events or people from the past come to you in your current life. Health issues, relationship problems, job issues, and more can all be related to the past. 

Past Life Reading


Coaching Packages

I offer coaching packages of 2-4 sessions that include

 a combination of any of the services listed below.

Dream Intepretation

Have you ever had a strange dream that you knew was of significance, but you just weren't sure what it meant? Sometimes dreams are our mind's way of rehashing events. Other times, they're messages sent to us from guides or loved ones who've passed.


Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card readings can illuminate the path you're on, the energies that surround you, messages the Universe is trying to send you, and actions to take in order to achieve what you want.


Ritual Meditations

Ritual meditations are extremely powerful meditations that connect you to the power of your soul, the soul collective, and source itself. You'll clear your chakras, heal your body, and attract the abundance you seek.


Energy Activations

Energy activations clear away lower negative vibrational energies, bring in higher positive vibrational energies, and allow for gifts from the universe to be brought in. You'll discover who you really are as a soul and what your soul purpose is. 

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