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"I have not stop humming since last night. I woke up with a back pain and I was told to humm it away. It works! Thank you so much!" -Carla S., Miami, FL

"Thanks so much for your gift!! I feel so energize and my Heart is opening even more , also my Solar Plexus is stronger!! Thank you Goddess!!!" -TavaMa I., Cyprus

"Thank you so much for sharing your recent webinar with me! The healing transformation helped me immensely. I was having very unusual digestive symptoms that traditional medical routes were unable to resolve. I fell asleep listening the first two times the energy was so strong. Each time the symptoms improved and by the last listen through they completely disappeared! Amazing! I appreciate you both beyond words and am so very grateful for feeling 100% again!" -Tanja J., Seattle, WA

"Thank you so much for your powerful work on me yesterday, Tonya. After our call I felt so peaceful and blissed out...You have a powerful powerful gift and I am so deeply grateful that you shared that with me. Thank you so much." -Shannon A., Lake Charles, LA